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vitrics is a 23 year old - Edinburgh born - chip artist, currently living and studying in Leeds, UK.
Having enjoyed his younger years stuck, glued to television sets playing video games and listening intently to the beautifully, quirky, rhythms and melodies produced by these consoles, he later in life stumbled upon those who provided video game style music - purely for listening - and was once again, struck very much with awe.

vitrics himself then began researching and self-studying ways in which to create and compose electronic music and then -quietly and privately- started making electronic laptop music in 2007, which then progressed to compiling completely chip tracks in late 2008.

vitrics has gained experience using many different consoles, computers, and programs to compose his music. He will continue to learn and practice other methods of creating chipmusic.

vitrics is currently using:
These pieces of hardware;

Running these programs for composing complete tracks;

As well as these programs for recording and mixing;

Still fairly unknown, but hoping to be noticed - vitrics continues to produce some unique and intriguing music from his bedroom.
Known well by a few, or known a little by a lot.

Just to be recognised at ALL, would be an awfully great experience.

vitrics Gigs

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Upcoming Events

12 March 2011
The Blue Room in Ipswich @ PJ McGinty’s
Henry Homesweet, John Callaghan, These Are End Times

17 March 2011
in Aberdeen @ The Tunnels
Comptroller, The Tin Foil Hat Brigade, Bit Face, readysetgo, Wolves That Byte

18 March 2011
in Edinburgh @ The Forest,
Ant-cat-max, Comptroller, The Tin Foil Hat Brigade, Edward Shallow, Enfant Bastard

24 March 2011
She Gets Me in London @ Lock Tavern
Victoria & Jacob, Jellica, Wolf Cub, Yuri

13-15 May 2011
Bang Face Weekender in Rye @ Camber Sands
Huoratron, Atari Teenage Riot, and more

19-21 May 2011>br /> Blip Festival in New York @ Eyebeam

19-20 August 2011
UltraChip in Edinburgh @ The Forest

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